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Iryna Mihus | Volodymyr Marchenko | Alla Dombrovska | Oksana Panchenko
pages: 89-101; JEL classification: G15, G20, G32; Keywords: Financial Security, Bitcoin, Hard Money, Cryptocurrency, Virtual Assets, Monetary System, Financial System; Abstract: This study aims to investigate the economic characteristics of cryptocurrencies and assess the current legal framework regarding the potential to regulate transactions involving cryptocurrencies and other virtual assets. To achieve this goal, a complex set of general scientific and specialized research methods was applied, including comparative legal analysis, system-structural examination, generalization method, as well as methods of analysis and synthesis, DFD to build a model of the influence of cryptocurrency on the financial security of the state. As a result, we delved into the economic essence of blockchain-based cryptocurrencies as an alternative to traditional fiat currencies based on the principle of decentralization. It has been established that Bitcoin has a unique \"hardness\", due to which this cryptocurrency is rightly called «digital gold». The article analyzed the dynamics of the development of the use of blockchain technologies for 2009-2022, the results of which indicated the continuation of their annual growth in use. The article presents the results of a study on the introduction of cryptocurrency in Ukraine, which made it possible to systematize the main risks associated with it. In further research, it is possible to continue studying the economic-legal mechanism of the introduction of the national cryptocurrency in Ukraine and the use of blockchain in other financial processes at the state level. .