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Tereza Ikášová | Martin Klepek
pages: 81-91; JEL classification: M21, G30, M31; Keywords: Decision Making, Experiment, Restaurant Industry, Sales, Website Performance; Abstract: In this study, we aimed to investigate the financial implications of website performance on restaurant visitor traffic. It is crucial to address the current challenges faced by the restaurant industry, such as decreasing diner numbers due to rising prices, which can have a negative impact on the financial results of companies. Recognizing the significance of maximizing profitability, especially for small businesses operating in a highly competitive industry, we sought to explore the potential of website performance as a driver of increased visitor traffic and daily menu sales. We conducted a two-month field experiment in which we measured morning website visits and daily lunch menu sales for a restaurant with a slower website and one with a quicker website. However, we did not find any statistically significant increase in visits to the restaurant as a result of improving the website\'s speed. The restaurant industry is highly competitive, and small businesses in particular need to carefully consider how to allocate their resources in order to maximize profitability. The results of our study suggest that investing in website redesign as a means of increasing visitor traffic may not be the most effective tactic for small restaurants. Our research highlights the importance of conducting experiments and gathering data to inform decision making, as it can help small businesses in the restaurant industry to make more informed choices about how to allocate their resources.