About Financial Internet Quarterly

Established in 2004 with the support of the National Central Bank of Poland, the Financial Internet Quarterly (FIQ), initially ‚Financial Internet Quarterly e-Finanse’, is a scientific Journal published by The University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow, Poland. As a peer-reviewed, open-access Journal, FIQ plays a pivotal role in bridging the research gap within the European financial scholarly community, appealing to a wide array of finance professionals, academics, and students. By eliminating Article Processing Charges (APCs), it ensures unrestricted access to its comprehensive research findings.

FIQ’s scope spans crucial financial disciplines. It offers insights into corporate finance, focusing on investment strategies and governance. The journal delves into banking, covering risk management and financial innovation, and explores public finance topics like fiscal policy and taxation. It also examines capital markets, analyzing securities trading and market dynamics, alongside addressing insurance, accounting, and legal aspects of financial management. This broad coverage ensures FIQ’s role as a pivotal platform for finance-related discourse, upheld by its distinguished Editorial Board.

The Editorial Board, consisting of esteemed scholars, ensures that FIQ maintains rigorous academic standards and relevance in its publications. This commitment positions FIQ as an essential resource for advancing knowledge and fostering dialogue within the global financial community.